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Students who study Zoology learn a diverse range of topics, from the structure and function of the cells that make up animals, through anatomy and physiology, reproduction and development, evolution and behaviour. This knowledge is significant for a range of areas, including biomedical research, agricultural and fisheries practices, the management of natural resources, environmental planning and for appreciating the natural world. The knowledge of Zoology is not confined to New Zealand animals; the principles and concepts are applicable worldwide.

Studying Zoology you will gain insight into biological knowledge of animals from the molecular level and also at the level of animals as components of entire systems. Zoology being the animal science, builds the base for many practical subjects from fisheries and wildlife management to animal quarantine and even medicine. There are many reasons for studying Zoology at an undergraduate level from obtaining a general science degree, which will enhance your life when you observe animals, a concern for your environment, ot wishing to learn about the combination of behaviour, ecology and evolution.

Topics you may cover include

  • Basic cell and animal biology
  • Animal diversity
  • Animal physiology and evolution
  • Statistics
  • Neurobiology
  • Behavioural ecology
  • Parasitology 
  • Aquatic ecology
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