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Youth Services Practices » Overview

Do you want to serve the youth community and contribute towards making New Zealand a better place for children and adolescents to grow up?
Youth Services Practices

Courses relating to Youth Services Practices primarily involve learning the skills and strategies needed to successfully enter into the social work practice. You will build an understanding of the best direct practices to serve the youth community and improve the life experiences of children and adolescents. These practices are based on current research, cultural understanding and legal requirements.

This degree balances theory and practice so you will have a holistic understanding of the social conditions of New Zealand youth. Your studies will incorporate subjects such as social work and social theory, in order for you to understand the economic, social and political factors that affect children and their families.

Studying this degree will increase your awareness of community development and structural changes in society. This degree is also structured for the New Zealand context, therefore, you will learn about Maori and Pacific approaches to Youth Services and how these can benefit certain families.