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Have a passion for written communication? Want to learn how to communicate your ideas through written language?
Writing Studies

Writing Studies involves learning about the theory and practice of writing in different situations - academic, professional, creative and critical. You will develop your writing skills across these genres, while leaning about the role of language and culture in written communication. With a major in Writing Studies you will acquire skills in written communication that can be applied in business, public relations and professional writing.

If you are especially interested in Creative Writing, many institutions also offer courses specifically in this area. This generally refers to areas of writing such as fiction, poetry and any non-fiction that does not include journalistic, academic or technical elements.  

Many institutions pair Writing Studies degrees with English papers. Therefore, you will not only be honing your own writing skills but developing an appreciation and ability to analyse others’ works. By analysing the works of the greatest writers in history, you will be exposed to writing techniques and themes that will inspire and improve your own writing. You will also be taught about historical movements in writing and how context cannot be divorced from a piece’s meaning.