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There is a current shortage of welders and fabricators in New Zealand’s construction industry. Want to help fill this gap? Take a course in Welding!

Welding courses will equip you with the skills to make, join and repair the metal parts for a range of machinery and equipment. Not only will you learn about the wielding process, but the health and safety elements required, including the completion of a compulsory first aid certificate.

Welding is a hands-on degree that will see a large portion of your time practicing welding techniques in the workshop. By the end of your qualification, you will have mastered a wide range of skills including, health and safety, drawing interpretation, accurate calculation, thermal cutting, setting machinery, and various other welding processes.

As Welding courses allow for you to pair your theoretical learning with practical learning, by the time you complete your qualification you will be well equipped to weld your way into the working world. Welding is a skill that is sought after in society, therefore, gaining a Welding degree will gain you a great chance at a valuable career. 

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