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Viticulture and Wine Science » Overview

Love wine? Viticulture and Wine Science courses will let you in on all the secrets in creating the perfect bottle from planting and harvesting to bottling.
Viticulture and Wine Science

Backed by the international acclaim of our products, the wine industry in New Zealand is rapidly expanding. With this expansion, comes the call for trained and skilled professionals to enter this highly specialised field. 


Viticulture is the study of the cultivation of grapes, primarily for winemaking purposes. As a student you will be taught about all aspects of wine production such as, site selection, planting material, vine management, harvest parameters, grape handling and fermentation control.

The study of Viticulture is a combination of science and commerce. The science branch, studies the physiological and fermentation processes, whilst the commerce branch explores the business operations involved in the design, marketing and distribution of the product. 

Wine Science

Similarly, Wine Science covers all areas of wine and winemaking, apart from the actual growing and harvesting of grapes. Wine Science uses knowledge of vine physiology and the theory behind chemical fermentation to ‘finish’ wines to the desired standard.

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