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Picture yourself as the next Picasso? Test yourself with a degree in Visual Arts.
Visual Arts

The study of Visual Arts at university is a practical degree. This means that you will learn core skills in a wide range of classical and contemporary visual art practices. However, you will also study the theory of art and how art is evaluated. A Visual Arts major leaves you with skills and knowledge in practice and theory so you can launch a career in the visual arts.

Certain tertiary institutions also offer a separate qualification in Māori Visual Arts. The concept of this subject is similar to Visual Arts; however, it incorporates Māori art, language and culture. This provides you with an understanding of the traditional and cultural factors that influence contemporary Māori art. 

Dependent on your institution, different programmes will place differing emphasis on the importance of theory in complimenting art. For example, some institutions require a compulsory Bachelor of Arts degree to compliment your Fine Arts degree in order to give you a wider understanding of art history, the media and politics. This enables students to develop greater concepts behind their works.