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Veterinary Science » Overview

If you love animals and have a good eye for detail, Veterinary Science could be your calling.
Veterinary Science

The subject of Veterinary Science is concerned with the treatment and research of disease, disorder and injury in animals. Though many people think of Veterinary Science as merely clinical work, as a veterinarian you could find yourself caring for farm animals, pets, or wild animals. In fact, vets are vital to New Zealand’s agriculture industry to ensure the welfare and productivity of livestock. 

Veterinary Science is a very competitive industry and because of this, the Bachelor’s degree is highly selective. There is only one place to study a Bachelor of Veterinary Science in New Zealand and with few places offered, you must be passionate and hardworking (with a background in the sciences) if you desire to enter the field of work.  

Studying a Bachelor of Veterinary Science qualifies you to become a practicing Veterinary Scientist. New Zealand’s degree is world renowned for its quality, therefore as a graduate you are eligible to work here and in various countries overseas such as, the UK, Canada, Singapore and the USA.