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Veterinary Nursing » Overview

Do you want to work with animals or in an animal related industry?
Veterinary Nursing

The study of Veterinary Nursing involves gaining knowledge of advanced veterinary and intensive care nursing, as well as developing practical skills and an understanding of their ethical and welfare implications. By putting theory into practice, studying Veterinary Nursing will provide you with a range of clinical, surgical, and diagnostic skills that will lead towards your career in animal care and handling. The majority of courses in Veterinary Nursing are taught and developed in consultation with the New Zealand Veterinary Nursing Association, ensuring that you are taught the relevant and appropriate skills essential to start a career in an animal related profession.

Veterinary Nursing can be studied at the Diploma or Certificate level and is taught by lecturers with industry experience in animal health and welfare. You will learn how to support a veterinary scientist in helping to educate their clients on preventative health treatments for their pets.

Veterinary Nursing is a hands-on career therefore a Diploma/Certificate in Veterinary Nursing prepares you for this. A Diploma in Veterinary Nursing balances theory and practice, so that you can effectively manage animals and their owners once you have graduated into the working world. A Diploma in Veterinary Nursing can also cross-credit towards a Bachelor of Applied science. If you love animals, this is the degree for you.