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Tourism accounts for a significant proportion of New Zealand’s GDP. Let’s make the most of our beautiful country and showcase it for visitors entering our picturesque shores.
Tourism Management

Tourism is the study of global travel for recreational, leisure or business purposes. Tourism Management refers to everything concerned with the planning and management of travel and tourism. In New Zealand, tourism is one of our largest industries – we have so many beautiful sights and attractions to offer visitors. Tourism Management courses are designed to prepare you to enter into management and supervisory positions in the tourism industry. 

Many courses combine Hospitality with Tourism Management, so you will learn the necessary skills to enter any branch of the service sector. You will also explore ethical issues in the industry such as tourism’s relationship to gender, ethnicity and the environment.

Not only will a degree in Tourism Management equip you with the skills needed to enter the workplace in New Zealand, but you will find doors open for you worldwide. With many international tourism agencies and hotels now located in our picturesque spots, many offer their New Zealand employees the chance to transfer overseas. 

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