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New Zealand hosts 2.8 million international visitors a year. Furthermore, the average tourist will spend $2,800 per trip.

As you can see, Tourism is a big industry. To keep New Zealand a top destination we not only need beautiful scenery, but first class customer service- this is where you come in. Studying Tourism will provide you with the gateway needed to enter this exciting industry.

All destinations have something different to offer, however, innovative, high-value tourism initiatives have solidified New Zealand’s status as an industry leader. Not only will you become familiar with tourism and its impact on the economy, but will also be prepared for a position of responsibility and management in the industry.    

During your training, you will learn a wide range of skills including dining service systems, management, customer service, ecotourism and cultural competency.

Visitors to New Zealand are spoilt for choice when it comes to tourist attractions. This means there is a significant demand for educated and skilled people to work in this field. Choose Tourism and be rewarded with an exhilarating, fast-paced career. 

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