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Learn a trade that will pave a path to a career!

Everybody needs tiles. Look around and you will notice tiles everywhere- in kitchens, bathrooms, businesses and buildings.

Tiling is the area of specialisation within the building and construction industry that deals with the laying and grouting of floor and wall tiles. Gaining a qualification in the area generally involves ‘competency-based’ learning. That is, demonstrating that you understand the knowledge and skills associated with the trade.

The application of tiles requires mathematical calculation, the correct preparation of the surface and the right mix of adhesives. Jobs that require tile patterns and waterproofing can take years to perfect.

This degree is vital for people hoping to work in the construction industry as a wall or flaw tiler. Throughout your training, you will learn various skills including preparation and installation of tiles, under heating systems, grouting, sealing and waterproofing systems.

A qualification in tiling provides a balance between theoretical and practical learning. This means you will not be stuck in the classroom, but learning how to install a room of tiles without supervision. When it’s time for you to graduate, you will be adequately equipped to enter the working world.