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Knowledge of tax is vital for everyone in all business activity and is especially important when making financial and corporate decisions.

Through studying Taxation at university, you will gain an understanding of how the New Zealand taxation system works. You will also learn how this system is applied in a business environment. Essentially, the taxation system facilitates direct contact between business and government.

By studying taxation, you will learn about the importance of tax in redistributing wealth and creating an Equitable society. You will also learn about tax compliance and the ways some businesses attempt to avert the tax system. 

Taxation is at the root of many other disciplines including law and accounting. It also incorporates theories from politics, sociology and psychology in order to not only understand the numbers side of taxation, but the wider social and political impacts on individuals and society.

Taxation can be studied under a Bachelor of Commerce, or a Diploma in accounting and is a valuable subject if you are hoping to enter into the business world. 

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