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It is sometimes difficult to determine where property boundaries end, especially when the land is uneven, or when there are rivers and lakes involved. It is the job of professional surveyors to determine these legal boundaries.

Qualifications in Surveying will equip you with the specialised knowledge to become a Surveyor, or Chartered Surveyor. So, what do Surveyors do? Surveyors offer specialised advice in the field of property. Their fundamental duties include valuing property and assessing structural defects in commercial and private buildings.

Surveying programmes balance theoretical with practical learning so when you are ready to enter the job market you will be well prepared. During your studies, you will learn a wide range of skills from measurement and resource management to natural resource analysis. You will also learn to manage the environment by plotting land to establish property limits for the engineering team.

There are various qualifications that act as pathways into Surveying, including, a Bachelor of Science, a Diploma in Surveying or a Bachelor of Surveying -some which require postgraduate study to become a licensed surveyor.