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Have you always loved sport? A degree in Sport Coaching will teach you how to turn this passion into a career.
Sports Coaching

The subject of Sports Coaching looks at the theory and practice of effective sports coaching. This involves learning about the theory, principles, strategies and techniques that professional coaches employ in the coaching of sport, athletes and teams.

A Bachelor of Sport Coaching does not only focus on coaching skills but fosters leadership, management and teamwork. These skills are invaluable in all aspects of life, including many careers outside of Sports Coaching. Many top employers place graduates who are involved in team sport, above those who have volunteer, or work experience. Team sport shows that you have the capacity to work with others, which is vital in a business environment.

A Bachelor of Sport Coaching balances practical and theoretical learning. Once you have learnt the theoretical foundations, you will be required to put your theory into practice by coaching teams in schools and organisations. An education in Sports Coaching will prepare you for a coaching career in sport and exercise and open doors across the world.