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Sport and Exercise Science » Overview

New Zealand is renowned for its sports achievements worldwide; and with a degree in Sport and Exercise Science you could play a role in this.
Sport and Exercise Science

Sport and Exercise Science is concerned with how and why the human body moves. You will learn about scientific principles on human performance in sport, work, and exercise and the techniques to apply these principles. The aim of Sport and Exercise Science is to find ways of improving sporting performance, health, and fitness and to minimise the risk of injury.

After completing an undergraduate degree you’ll have the chance to complete a postgraduate degree in order to earn national accreditation.  There’s a wide range of jobs open for Sport and Exercise Science graduates and may find yourself teaming up with various health specialists from cardiologists, orthopaedic surgeons and cardiologists.

Studying Sports Science means the chance to empower New Zealand’s athletes through your knowledge of psychological and physiological performance. Study a degree in Sport and Exercise Science today and play your part in keeping New Zealand on the map for its sporting achievements.