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Speech and Language Therapy » Overview

Freedom of speech is one of the liberties we enjoy in New Zealand – help make sure everyone has the opportunity to put this into practice!
Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy courses at university are designed to teach you the skills and techniques to help those that have communication disorders such as stuttering and poor articulation. This involves looking at how verbal communication develops through language development in reading and writing, as well as conditions stemming from brain impairments.

During this programme, you will learn how to diagnose and remedy people from diverse backgrounds with a range of speech, language, cognition and physical impairments. You will also learn how to counsel and effectively communicate with patients and families dealing with speech and language disorders. This involves interacting with patients of all ages, as speech and language impairments can affect people from childhood to late adulthood.

With New Zealand facing an aging population, there will be a number of gaps in the market for speech therapists to fill. A degree in Speech and Language therapy will equip you with a fascinating and rewarding career.