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After English, Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world. Learning Spanish is a way to become more competitive in the global market.

Spanish is a key European and Pacific Rim language and over 400 million people speak it worldwide.

Studying Spanish at university involves learning how to communicate from beginners to advanced levels. You can also explore the cultural and historical background of Spanish speaking regions such as Spain and Latin America. For those who are not only interested in learning the language, Spanish degrees offer papers in Latin American literature, film, politics and European studies.

With New Zealand increasing its global trade relationships, businesses are constantly on the search for graduates who possess cultural competency or the ability to speak more than one language. Spain is becoming a significant market for New Zealand exporters; therefore, graduates with knowledge of the language and culture are highly regarded.

Spanish can be studied as a subject under a Bachelor of Arts and compliments subjects such as economics, history, anthropology and linguistics.  With the language on the rise, doors for fluent Spanish speakers will continue to open. 

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Spanish Student

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