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Soil is a sustainable energy source and is vital for maintaining life of this planet. Soil is responsible for 99.7% of the food eaten by humans, and stabilising waterways.
Soil Science

Soil Science looks at the qualities of soil on the earth’s surface. This includes the study and research into soil formation, classification and mapping. It examines soil in terms of its physical, chemical, biological and fertility characteristics. In addition, Soil scientists look at how soil is currently used and managed, so that we can get a better understanding of the characteristics of different types of soil.

Soil Science can be studied through a number of degrees, including a Bachelor of Science, a Bachelor of Forestry Science, or a Bachelor of Engineering with honours in forest engineering.  

Throughout your degree, you will learn about various elements of soil, from soil formation and properties, to sustainability and environmental protection. If you succeed at undergraduate, you can go onto study a master of soil science at postgraduate level. This will specialise your knowledge of soil, opening opportunities for you worldwide.