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Studying Software Engineering enables students to gain the skills and experience to solve software design and maintenance problems. You will learn the technical expertise to design and apply computer software.

Topics you may cover

  • Operating systems: the programs that manage computer hardware in terms of input/output and memory allocation and provide a platform for application software.
  • Computer organisation
  • Data communication: the movement/transfer of data from one point to another via electrical or digital signal
  • Algorithm design and analysis: algorithms are step-by-step procedures used for calculation, reasoning and data processing
  • Web development: developing a web site for the Internet or a private network. You will also explore management techniques, which are especially important when working on large development projects requiring collaboration between many people.
  • Engineering technology
  • Computer software program modelling and design
  • Critical thinking and communication
Medium_orion-grad-guy Chris Perriam
Graduate Software Developer

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Medium_orion-grad-girl Alix Klingenberg
Junior Software Engineer

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