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Social Work

Social Work refers to the academic discipline and profession that aims to improve the quality of life of individuals, groups and the community. This is achieved through intervention in the form of research, social policy, direct practice, and teaching. As a discipline, Social Work recognises the complex relationships between personal, social, cultural, political and economic factors that affect the wellbeing of citizens.

Social Work can be studied under a Bachelor of Social Work, which is a four-year degree that incorporates a mixture of theoretical and practical training. You will also be required to complete a compulsory placement, which many students find themselves taking up as a permanent position after graduation.

Over the course of four years, you will build your depth of understanding on people and their relationship to the social structures. You will study a wide range of papers including your choice of humanities topics such as sociology and psychology, balanced with papers in social policy, social theory and interview skills. Other valuable topics include Māori development and community work.