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Social Policy is extremely important as it affects our civil rights and wellbeing.
Social Policy

At the centre of Social Policy are fundamental, ideological debates surrounding the role of the state to provide support for families, and its relationship to the market. These policy decisions affect perspectives on social welfare, the free market and Māori law.   

Social Policy as a university subject is the study of how and why Social Policy is made and its effect on the world. You will learn about who makes the decisions regarding Social Policy and who has the power to influence those decisions. You will also look at social issues such as rights, equality and justice.

Social Policy is relevant to everyone as policy affects everyone. Studying this subject will bring to light the diverse impact policy has on the community and the environment. You will not only look at governmental policy, but that of non-governmental organisations and how these differ. You will also analyse the way non–governmental organisations interact with government agencies and community groups. 

Social Policy can be studied under a Bachelor of Arts and compliments subjects such as sociology, politics, history and economics. Social Policy leads onto jobs drafting or making policy recommendations in the public sector. Students who study Social Policy, are favoured by employers for their analytical and research abilities. 

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