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Talofa lava! Did you know Samoan is the third most spoken language in New Zealand?

The majority of Pacific peoples living in New Zealand are Samoan and these numbers continue to grow as New Zealand opens itself up to the world.

University courses in Samoan are usually centred on language skills – speaking, reading, listening and writing. However, it is also likely that your study will incorporate Pacific Studies to help you gain a more comprehensive understanding on how the Samoan language was developed.

Studying Samoan is beneficial to people of all ethnicities. Because there are so many New Zealanders of Samoan decent, it is important to form a greater understanding for this culture, fa’a Samoa. Not only is it important for a greater cultural understanding but it also compliments other subjects such as Pacific Studies, Anthropology and Linguistics. It is also a good way for New Zealanders born in Samoa to reconnect with their cultural roots.

With New Zealand becoming an ever-increasing multicultural society, skills in cultural competency are becoming favoured in the workplace. Demonstrating a diverse knowledge of a culture therefore, greatly increases your job prospects.