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Did you know retailers hire perfume companies to design scents that will attract specific types of customers to their stores?

For example, some electronic companies have been known to scent their stores with a mix of vanilla for women and bourbon for men. As you can see, there is a lot more to retail than chucking some clothes in a shop. Thousands of hours go into researching consumer behaviour and trends.

Retail can be studied under a Bachelor of Commerce majoring in retail, or as a standalone qualification. Studying retail through a Business degree focuses on range of topics including, tracking shopper behaviour, management and organisation, design, sustainable business, law, and tourism.

There are many different paths to enter into Retail, dependant on what you want to specialise in. For example, some courses offer Retail management whilst others focus on consumer wellbeing and financing.

The qualification offers a balance of practical and theoretical learning, which will challenge without boring you.  Retail is a qualification that offers relevant skills to the working world and you will come out of the degree prepared with industry knowledge on how physical and online businesses are run.