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Religious Studies » Overview

Did the gods create humanity or did humanity create the gods? Does religion belong in the 21st century? These are some of the questions that Religious studies aims to answer.
Religious Studies

Religious Studies

Religious Studies aims to understand the world we live in – a world where religion is a universal phenomenon. Our legal, political, musical, literary, philosophical and cultural traditions all have a base in religion. Religious Studies looks at the beliefs, practices and motivations of people of different religions or faiths.

Biblical Studies

Biblical studies is about the academic study of both the old and new testaments. You will learn different methods of reading and interpreting the texts and build an understanding of the different ideas that have been influential through to modern day. There is often considered two approaches to the learning of the bible; first studying the bible looking at the human creation and secondly studying the bible as a religious text. 

Christian Thought

The study of Christian Thought and History looks at the entire Christian experience from Church History and Christian ethics, to the practice of life and faith in its past and present contexts. You will learn more about the different doctrines of the Church, its development, the importance of culture and context in contemporary theology andMaori Christian theology.

Practical Theology

Practical theology is the application of theology to everyday life. Students of Practical Theology examine life contexts through the lenses of biblical, historical and Christian theologies. It also draws on other disciplines such as Psychology, Sociology, Anthropology, History, Philosophy and Cultural Studies to assist in their reflection.