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Want a challenging and rewarding career? A qualification in Real Estate will open doors for you across the globe.
Real Estate

A course in Real Estate provides students with the skills and knowledge to facilitate the sale of real estate, both residential and commercial, between buyer and seller. There is a lot to learn, from the legislation governing Real Estate and building law, to the transferral of ownership and titles. Due to the level of complexity involved in the profession, a high standard of qualification is required of its participants in order to enter into the field.

Real Estate can be studied as a standalone degree, or you may also qualify to obtain a license if you study a similar degree, such as Property. Many Real Estate qualifications can now be studied via online correspondence, which means location is no barrier.   

Studying this programme will teach you about the diverse area of property. Your learning will range from tender and auction processes to the legal conditions involved in the sale of a property, landownership and sale agreements. During the programme, you will learn to develop your sales skills and be able to point out misleading sales representations on the market. Studying this subject could take you anywhere. 

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Property Analyst

Over a year of living in Australia and exposure to the high pressure property demands of Sydney fired Elliot Box’s interest in the... read more »