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Radio Broadcasting » Overview

Do you listen to the radio and think, "I could do that better?” Well now you can.
Radio Broadcasting

Radio Broadcasting courses involve everything to do with radio, including sales and promotions, creating writing, broadcast news and programming. 

Radio Broadcasting qualifications foster a balance of technical and creative ability in order to create graduates who will be able to take up any position in the radio industry, from managers, to operators, and performers. You will learn a wide range of skills such as, how to present on-air radio shows, studio production, music scheduling and recording voice tracks.

Aside from the technical and creative side of Radio Broadcasting, you will also be taught about the business side of the radio industry. This includes learning about marketing, establishment costs, surveys and promotions. During this journey, you will be given the chance to test your knowledge and skills using practice studios and radio equipment, which will see you well equipped for the working world once a graduate.

Radio Broadcasting can be studied as a major under a Bachelor of Communications, a Bachelor of Audio Production, or as a standalone qualification at the Certificate or Diploma level. 

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Radio Operator

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