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While Quantity Surveying is within the field of construction, it does not involve any physical construction. Quantity Surveyors operate in the financial administration side of the field. They take into account the scope and size of construction projects – the amount of work likely to be involved, the costs of resources, etc. – and estimate how to cost, price and tender (place offers) on construction projects.

Once an offer has been accepted, it the role of the quantity surveyor to control the cost of the project and make sure that job is completed within budget. In order to perform their job, quantity surveyors are very skilled in measuring and costing the price of building work.

Topics you may cover include

  • Communication: quantity surveyors work closely with a number of people, such as architects, engineers, builders and clients, to ensure that a project is completed according to plan and within budget. As a result, it is important that they possess good communication skills
  • Costing, measurement and estimation: you will acquire the relevant knowledge needed to make sure that the costs of construction projects are managed efficiently. You will learn about costing of materials, construction services, etc.
  • Relevant environment, building and contract law
  • Tendering/bidding skills
  • Cost management: cash flow forecasting, budgeting, final account negotiation, etc.
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Quantity Surveyor

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Quantity Surveyor

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