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Studying psychology looks at the brain and how it works. It investigates how we process and store information using our senses and memory and how our experiences shape our behaviour. You might study this if you are thinking about going into a field of pure psychology or similarly you might study at a certain level or specific papers so that you can acquire skills that are relevant for the management of people as you may be heading more down the track of commerce. Advances that are being made in certain aspects of biology mean that we are becoming more and more knowledgeable of how the brain works which means that more complex theories are being developed to help us understand elements of normal and abnormal development.

The study of psychology will never become redundant as the more curious humans become and the more complex we become will ensure that psychologists always play a part in understanding and treating of humans.

Topics you may cover include

  • Social Psychology: aims to understand how the influence someone can have over another’s thoughts emotions and behaviours through the use of various theoretical, conceptual and practical social psychological issues.
  • Cognitive Psychology: looking at the research on various topics such as sensation, perception, reasoning, problem solving and decision-making and the brains involvement.
  • Brain and Behaviour: learn some of the basic brain functions and mechanisms of how the brain controls the way we behave. Also looking at how drugs can impact behaviour and communication and how the brain processes information coming from the outside world.
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