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Which has more of an impact, Nature or Nurture? What drives people to commit crimes?

Psychology students ponder these questions and many more, in the search to provide answers as to how the brain interacts with human socialisation to express certain types of behavioural patterns.  

Psychology is the study of the individual and their mental processes. There are many different elements within this study, which is why it attracts many different types of students who can apply psychological theory to various situations and careers.

There are many branches of Psychology, all which favour different applications of Psychology. For example, there is the biopsychology model, which places an emphasis on the brain when analysing abnormal behaviour, or social psychology, which places the emphasis on social interactions. Psychology in contrast to psychiatry, aims to treat mental abnormalities through various forms of counselling or therapy as opposed to medication.

Psychology is very interdisciplinary and can be studied under a Bachelor of Arts or a Bachelor of Science. Studying Psychology under a Bachelor of Science will likely provide you with a more biology based model of psychological therapy, whilst under a Bachelor of Arts, there may be more of a tendency to explore social psychological models. 

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