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Tertiary education in Property can open the door to a number of different roles. Test

Successful completion of a Property major will leave you with a wide range of skills that can be applied to the property profession. As your study progresses you are likely to get the opportunity to focus your degree on the areas you are most interested in. For example, property valuation, property management, property development and property finance and Māori land. This in-depth study will partly determine the roles for which you are most suited, following the completion of your degree.

A Bachelor of Property is a standalone degree, which equips you with the skills needed to enter into a career in Property here, or overseas. If you are considering studying a conjoint degree, a Bachelor of Commerce compliments a Bachelor of Property and is a combination that will give you an edge in the business world.

A Bachelor of Property is structured so you receive relevant and real world experience throughout your studies. For example, many tertiary providers will organise buddy programmes, careers evenings and industry dinners which allows for networking with industry insiders. With the property market ever in flux, Property is an exciting and fruitful career to enter into. 

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Property Analyst

Over a year of living in Australia and exposure to the high pressure property demands of Sydney fired Elliot Box’s interest in the... read more »