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Political Studies » Overview

“You may not care about politics but politics cares about you.” So the saying goes. Many don’t realise how much of an impact Politics has on their lives. Policy can affect how many children live in poverty, how many jobs are on offer, and the price of houses.
Political Studies

Politics plays an essential position in the way a country is shaped. With the rise of globalisation and international trade agreements, it’s not only important to understand the political structures of New Zealand but foreign countries as well.   

If you are interested in how power and resources are allocated in society, or have ever wondered why democracy thrives in some countries and not in others, then you will enjoy Political Studies.

Political Studies looks at governments, political processes, political structures and public policy. In a Political Studies major, you will learn about these concepts from many different viewpoints. You will investigate how politics influences everyday life by reflecting on globalisation, capitalism, multiculturalism, foreign policy, social policy and politics in the media.

Politics can be studied as a subject under a Bachelor of Arts and is well sought out after by employers as it shows that you have a holistic understanding of how the world works.