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Plants are central to sustaining life on earth.
Plant Biology

Plant Biology, or Botany, is the scientific study of plants and plant life. Human life on this planet is dependent on the process of photosynthesis – the process by which plants use sunlight to turn carbon dioxide into water, which causes the release of oxygen into the atmosphere. The study of plants covers all areas of the life of plants. It looks at their structure, function, evolution and the diversity of plants.

Plant Biology can be studied as a major under a Bachelor of Science or as a standalone degree at postgraduate level. It compliments other science subjects such as chemistry and genetics. Plant Biology covers a wide range of branches, which incorporate both the micro (cellular), and macro (organism) level of plants.

The subject combines practical and theoretical study in order to prepare you for your daily practices in the working world. Experiments are conducted in the field or laboratory and will open doors for careers such as ecosystem function or agricultural production.