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Professional Physiotherapy in health science varies greatly depending on the country in which it is practiced. Here in New Zealand, many physiotherapists work in the private sector specialising in musculoskeletal problems - injuries and conditions relating to the muscles, joints and soft tissues. Others are involved specifically in sports physiotherapy. Others still work in rehabilitation in hospitals, helping those who have suffered trauma or illness. Regardless of the area in which you specialise, your studies will include one year of general Health Science and then three years focused on Physiotherapy. You will learn theory, as well as their practical applications.

Successful professional physiotherapists possess excellent communication skills, in addition to their knowledge of therapeutic practices. Communication is important in this profession, as you need to determine the areas that are causing problems. In addition, you will also work with clients to help prevent further injury in the future – this includes learning how to educate in regards to fitness and movement.

Topics you may cover include:

  • Assess and diagnose patients’ injuries/functional problems
  • Based on identification, identify suitable treatment
  • Learn a range of treatments to reduce pain and improve mobility
  • Plan and prescribe exercise for clients to improve strength and fitness
  • Learn how to educate people in order to reduce the chance of further injury.