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Physiotherapists use manual techniques such as massage therapy, joint mobilisation, electrical and sound energy, and biofeedback to help heal tissues. Physiotherapists also mentor, motivate, and educate patients in health, wellness, self-help and exercise.

Physiotherapy is the health care profession related to the rehabilitation of impairments and disabilities. Physiotherapists aim to increase quality of life through movement. They examine, evaluate and diagnose impairments, and prescribe physical intervention to help improve mobility.

Physiotherapy can be studied under a Bachelor of Physiotherapy or a Bachelor of Health Science. Physiotherapy courses involve a balance of practical and theoretical learning. Throughout the duration of your degree, you will be trained in all aspects of the role from assessing and diagnosing patients, to the treatment of diseases and injuries. Whilst learning the theoretical elements of your degree, you will also complete a compulsory amount of hours of practical experience in the clinic. Once you have reached the end of your four years therefore, you will be well equipped to continue onto postgraduate study or enter into the work force.