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Would you like to help contribute towards understanding and treating disease?

Physiology is concerned with how and why living organisms work. You will study animal and human digestion, reproduction, circulation and the respiratory system. The significance of Physiology became apparent after the sequencing of the human genome; this allowed us to begin to describe how genetic codes are organised and how they work to enable life. If we can understand the workings of living organisms, it will help us understand and develop treatments for disease.

Physiology forms the basis for many sciences including Medical, Dental, Veterinary and Agricultural. Physical Education, Physiotherapy and Pharmacy also have a background in Physiology.

Physiology can be taken under a Bachelor of Science or standalone at postgraduate level and integrates a wide range of disciplines such as Biochemistry, Molecular Biology and Biophysics. Physiology is a discipline in constant flux. Everyday there are new discoveries and advancements made, which makes studying the field an exciting and rewarding venture.