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Physical Education » Overview

The focus of Physical Education is on the well-being of people through learning in health-related and movement contexts.
Physical Education

Physical Education is about gaining specialist skills and knowledge in the field of physical education and learning how to be an effective and inspirational teacher. From learning how the human body works, what exercise is best suited to different people, and how to effectively coach a sports team – physical education is a combination of both practical and theoretical learning.

The first two years of a Physical Education degree will build you a theoretical groundwork, whilst the third and fourth will allow you to specialise in an area of expertise. There are a wide range of specialisations such as dance, management, Māori physical education and sports science. Along the way, you will also complete a compulsory school placement where you will take up the role of a student teacher in a selection of schools.

This degree is highly regarded and leads onto a diverse number of pathways. Not only does it teach you specialised skills but fosters teamwork, leadership, efficient communication, and effective problem solving. Whichever career path you take, you can be sure to be rewarded with a fulfilling career.

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