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Want to learn how to capture and manipulate images of the world around you? A tertiary education in Photography can open doors to many different industries.

Photography is the art of creating images by capturing and recording light either chemically on film, or digitally with an image sensor. In addition to the physical act of recording light, Photography is used to communicate ideas or emotions to the viewer.

The art of Photography has changed dramatically in recent decades with the development of digital cameras. Many courses offer you the opportunity to practice either digital or film Photography; however, some institutions only offer lessons in digital Photography.

A Photography degree involves studying many different styles of shooting, therefore, will equip you to shoot in a range of situations from editorials, to bands, portraits and landscapes. Many photographers specialise in one specific field of Photography and by the time you are ready to graduate, you will have discovered your niche. Photography can be studied through a standalone diploma, or under a Bachelor of Fine Arts. With businesses increasingly relying on social media to sell themselves, good photography for websites and instagram is paramount in order to grab potential customers’ attention.