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The word ‘Philosophy’ stems from Greek roots. The word ‘philo’ means love, and ‘sophos’ means wisdom. To study Philosophy therefore, means a lust for wanting to explore the meaning of life -which incidentally, will make you a wiser person.

Philosophy aims to answer the questions we ask when we reflect on the world and our place in it. These questions may be theoretical: such as, “Is there a God?” However, they can also be practical: for example, “Can we justify euthanasia?” It is important to note that all answers to these questions are open to challenge. In fact, Philosophy is based on the basic principle of questioning and challenging everyday assumptions. As a Philosophy student you will gain the tools to analyse these assumptions clearly and systematically.

There are many different strands of Philosophy ranging from logic, which analyses the construction of arguments, to human nature, which asks the question ‘Is there such a thing as human nature?’ If so, ‘Then what differentiates us from animals?’

Philosophy can be studied as a major or minor under a Bachelor of Arts, or at Postgraduate level. If you choose to take Philosophy as a subject, you can be sure that whichever career path you take your ability to analyse and reason will be praised.