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Pharmacists are health professionals – they have the expertise to help patients understand what their medicines do and how to use them correctly. Pharmacy is concerned with the development and manufacture of medicine, the supply and distribution of medicine and the dispensing of information to health professionals and patients about medicines and drug therapy. Your studies are likely to incorporate theory, research, clinical experience and the development of independent, critical thinking.

A degree in Pharmacy looks at:

  • Biomedical science: science that looks at how the body works in order to find new ways of curing/treating disease through the development of new diagnostic tool or treatment strategies.
  • Chemistry
  • Population health: looks that the general health outcomes of individuals belonging to a certain group. Comparisons between different groups can be drawn.
  • Social science
  • Pharmaceutics: aims to find the optimum delivery of new drugs so that they can be safely and effectively used by patients
  • Pharmacology: looks at the actions of drugs – the interactions between chemicals and living organisms.
  • Pharmacy practice