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Studying Pharmacy at university will allow you to work right at the heart of human healthcare.

Pharmacy deals with how drugs are developed and used, and how patient care can be optimised with the help of other health professionals. A degree in Pharmacy sets you up with the theoretical and practical knowledge you need for a career in Pharmacy. This includes looking at any ethical issues related to pharmaceutical management and practice.

A Bachelor of Pharmacy is an intensive four-year degree. Once you have finished your degree, a 52-week training internship will follow, which will see you working at pharmaceutical practice.

A Pharmacist’s job covers a wide range of activities from dispensing medications to caring for patients, tracking medication response, and advising consumers and health professionals on drug prescriptions. It is a Pharmacist’s role to make sure a drug is pure and going to affect a patient in a positive way. Pharmacist’s are also specialised in drug composition and are expert advisors on a drug’s chemical and biological composition.