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Did you know Auckland is home to the biggest Polynesian population in the world?
Pacific Studies

With New Zealand constantly becoming more multicultural, it is important to embrace this diversity.

Pacific Studies focuses on understanding the Pacific and enhancing your cultural awareness. Pacific Studies includes courses on the various languages of the people of the Pacific, but this makes up only one small part of the subject. Pacific Studies encompasses many different aspects relating to the Pacific, including studying society, economics, politics, culture, identity, dance, history, art, language and literature. You will develop an understanding of how Pacific communities are changing with the global community and find out which aspects have remained relatively constant.

A major in Pacific Studies is valuable for anyone wishing to pursue a career in education, health, journalism, marketing and the public and social services. Pacific Studies, can be studied as a major under a Bachelor of Arts and is an ever increasing department. Many employers seek graduates who come with a major in Pacific Studies, as it shows they possess sound cultural-competency skills, which are vital for the workplace.