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Essentially, Optometry is visual science. Optometrists study how and what enables us to see. This includes looking at the different parts of the eye as well as how we process images in our brain. This knowledge allows Optometrists to assess patients’ vision and diagnose impairments. This can help prevent problems and disease through the prescription of treatment.

Topics you may cover:

  • Your study will focus on a number of different areas including:
  • Anatomy
  • Optics: studying sight in relation to light.
  • Physiology: studying the normal functions of the visual system.
  • Ocular pharmacology: looking at the interactions between chemicals and drugs on visual systems to determine practical uses for drugs in eye care.
  • Pathology: studying the causes and effects of disease.
  • Therapeutics: studying how disease and impairment can be treated.

Your study may also induce more general knowledge about work in the health sector such as clinical and business skills.