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Operations and Supply Chain Management » Overview

The subject Operations and Supply Chain Management encompasses numerous topics including, logistics, production and planning, quality planning and customer service.
Operations and Supply Chain Management

Essentially, this major is concerned with ensuring that business processes both within and between organisations, are operating at their most efficient. Greater efficiency ensures better returns, it is this reason Operations and Supply Chain Management is such an important field.

Studying this degree will teach you strong problem solving abilities, equipping you with the ability to deal with challenging dilemmas in the workforce such as, off course shipping containers and damaged goods at the docks. You will also learn how to effectively manage the amalgamation of customer service, workplace processes, chain modelling, quality management and design, and resources.

Operations and Supply Chain Management can be studied through a range of degrees such as a Bachelor of Commerce, a Bachelor of Science and a Bachelor of Applied management. All of which will lead you, to a challenging and rewarding career. 

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