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The study of nursing includes science and social science related to health. Clinical learning takes place in many different forms including surgical, emergency, medical, mental health and primary care services and students are supported throughout their clinical experience by registered nurses.

With modern health care becoming more focused on care where health professionals work together to provide the best possible treatment, it is of high importance that the nurses of the future are trained in a multidisciplinary environment with extensive clinical experience as well as having the basic theoretical knowledge.

Topics you may cover include

  • Human anatomy: becoming familiar with the different parts of the body both those structures that can be seen by the naked eye as well as those structures that are studied with the assistance of microscopes.
  • Health and Environment: understanding how the environment in which we live in impacts on our health in both a national and global context.
  • Maori Health, development and environment: more specific to healthcare in NZ, learn about the different issues impacting Maori specifically and how healthcare has developed.
Medium_jonursinggraducol Julie Jackson
Nursing Graduate

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