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Network Engineering » Overview

How is it that we can use technology to communicate? Network Engineering has all the answers.
Network Engineering

The rapid growth of communication networks has changed the way we communicate in our social lives and in business. We now have the ability to contact almost anyone instantly through many of our senses. We have also come to expect instant gratification when using these networks, with people losing patience when something takes more than a second too long. It is the Network Engineer’s role to make sure these problems are only temporary and to find innovative ways to make these networks even more efficient than we have now.

Network Engineering will teach you how to use all the latest innovations in technology including communication technologies, network protocols and middle ware.

Network Engineering can be studied as a specialisation under a Bachelor of Engineering, or as a standalone qualification at the diploma level. By the end of your degree, you will be able to build, design and configure a range of modern networks and services, making you ready to start your career. 

Medium_catherine Catherine Liu
Network Planning Engineer

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Service Desk Analyst

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Medium_k-cotterell Kathryn Cotterell
Network Engineering graduate

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