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Born with a talent to play or make music? Develop your abilities and broaden your horizons within the Music industry by studying about something you are interested in and enjoy!


Music comes from many different sources and can evoke just as many feelings and emotions when we listen to it. A formal education in Music helps develop your existing musical ability and knowledge, broadening your future career options. A degree in Music can take you in many different directions depending on your area of interest – performing, listening, recording, producing, critiquing, etc.

A Music Education major is designed to prepare you for a career in teaching music. You will learn about music teaching approaches as well as the sorts of things you may end up teaching. Music Education at university teaches you how you apply your love of music to teaching situations. In your studies you can expect to learn about the theories behind music, music technologies and how to listen to and make music. However, you will also learn teaching techniques. 


Alternatively, you may be interested in Ethnomusicology, which is the study of how music and dance can interact with gender, race, religion, politics, history and other areas of how we live our life. It explores human music-making activities all over the world, in all styles from past, to present. It is the study of music, the people who make it, the instruments they use and the complex ideas, behaviours and processes that are involved in the production of music.

Ethnomusicology applies theories and methods from Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Studies and Sociology, as well as other subjects in the social sciences and humanities disciplines. If you are a keen music enthusiast and want to learn how music is interconnected with human cultures, you will find this major interesting. You will study music ranging from Maori Waiata and Aotearoa hip hop, to Bollywood and global reggae.