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Are you compassionate, discrete and patient? If you enjoy helping others with challenges, then this may be the career path for you.
Mental Health

The study of Mental Health is about learning how to help people in the community with their mental health problems. These may range from depression and anxiety, to drug and gambling addictions. You will learn from staff who have worked, or are working in the mental health sector themselves, whilst developing skills to become a safe and effective mental health support worker.

The first step for a mental health patient is to realise that something/someone is obstructing their well being and ability to enjoy life; the second step, is for you as a mental health worker to support and encourage them through their recovery.

Mental Health can be studied through a variety of disciplines including psychology, sociology, social work, psychiatry and counselling. Each discipline will hold different perspectives on Mental illness diagnosis and treatment, some favouring a biomedical model of medication, while others favouring counselling and rehabilitation.