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Think of yourself as a bit of a movie buff? Interested in why certain news channels favour one side of the story more than the other? Look no further.
Media Studies

Film and Media Studies is perfect for those of you who love watching movies, television and news, then dissecting the good from the bad.

Media studies covers all areas of the media industry from television, film and, digital and print media. Whilst film teaches you to dissect the history, technology and subtext of movies, the media component teaches you to view news media through a critical lens. You will learn to dissect topics through different critical, theoretical paradigms such as critical race theory, feminist theory and conflict theory. You will also explore the rise of social media and how this has affected the construction and dissemination of information.

As well as the theoretical and analytical side of media studies, many institutions offer production courses such as film, television, screenwriting, and radio production. The balance between practical and theoretical study will depend on the institution, therefore if you favour one over the other it is recommended you research specific course outlines. 

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