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Mechatronics Engineering » Overview

Like Tranformers - there is more than meets the eye. As modern day inventors, students in Mechatronics design and develop tools and technology that affect our everyday lives.
Mechatronics Engineering

Mechatronics has impacted the design and development of many tools in our everyday lives – camera and computer disk drives, photocopiers, washing machines and stabilisation technology in our cars, just to name a few. Mechatronics is one of the most advanced areas of engineering. It is concerned with mechanical engineering, electrical and electronic systems, robotics, computer technology and intelligent control.

Mechatronic Engineers are the ‘inventors’ of modern products. They use knowledge of motion control, sensing, artificial vision, intelligence and microcontrollers in the design and development of mechatronics.

Medium_rudolf_hein Rudolf Hein
Field Service Engineer

I decided to apply for work at Compac, because of their high focus on providing their customers with the highest possible quality machines.... read more »

Medium_305789_2360360661372_1620962435_2344511_736795916_n Alex Kendall
Mechatronics Engineering Student

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Medium_jonathan_jackson Jonathan Jackson
Field Service Engineer

For the last two years of my Mechatronics Engineering degree at the University of Auckland I have been part of the Compac family. My... read more »