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Mechanical Engineering » Overview

Merging physics and material science brings the study of all things relating to machine design, manufacture and operation - become a real-life Iron Man.
Mechanical Engineering

Being one of the oldest and broadest engineering disciplines, Mechanical Engineering is the study of all things relating to machines and the systems they operate. It looks at the core ideas of physics and materials science for investigating, designing, manufacturing and maintaining mechanical systems. As well as designing and developing machines, they also influence the design of other products for example, bicycles and trampolines. 

Mechanical Engineering can be studied as a major under a Bachelor of Engineering, or as a standalone certificate. A Bachelor of Engineering is a four-year degree with a compulsory honours year. Students can also continue onto masters if they wish. The subject is very interdisciplinary and combines subjects such as science, mathematics and physics. The degree combines practical and theoretical learning, so you will be well equipped with the skills needed to enter into the industry once you graduate. 


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Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

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Process Engineer

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Aeronautical Engineer

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